The startup for startups.

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re StartCrew, a design and marketing crew that specializes in startups. We understand the unique challenges of building a company from 0-to-Launch, and scaling from 1k to 1m customers. We focus on creating solid design and marketing foundations for our clients that will enable their long term growth. Our team comes from small startups, leading agencies, and Fortune 15 titans to bring you best practices and cutting edge methodologies on a budget that is in reach even for early startups.

Our Ethos

Chase progress, not perfection.

Chasing perfection can become a massive drain on resources. Whether we’re designing your website, new app or digital experience, or building an automated marketing machine for your company, we believe in creating a solid base, launching it fast, and learning + iterating.

Listen to succeed.

We know true success comes only to companies who listen to their customers’ needs, rather than dictate what they should want. This plays out in how we work with our clients, and how we help you create value for your users. All that we do - from early prototyping and market validation, to detailed UX design and usability research - centers around having open ears.

Build partnerships, not transactions.

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. This means thinking beyond the never ending retainer cycle that many traditional agencies use to leech off their clients, and helping you graduate to hiring in house designers and marketers when your company has grown up.

Who We've Worked With

Our crew has worked with small teams who think big, and big teams who aren’t afraid to shake things up.

Where We Are

Our team is based in downtown San Francisco.
Where in the world is the StartCrew team? We're now fully remote, Zooming to you live from these fine cities.

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