Trim's suite of intelligent financial tools help users reduce unnecessary life expenses and reach their savings goals. Users link their credit card and online banking accounts, and Trim can automatically find recurring transactions that have increased over time, show you insights into how you spend, and help you plan towards a savings goal. We worked with Trim to redesign their marketing site and optimize their signup funnel, leading to conversion growth. Trim was acquired by OneMain Financial in 2021.

Marrying Form & Language for Improved Conversions

After conducting stakeholder interviews with leadership and analyzing session recordings + visitor data from Trim's old site, we created a new design that puts Trim's value props front and center. We iterated on the content strategy to clarify how the platform works and what each key feature can do for you. From the moment prospective customers land on Trim's new site, they see real life results from other users which helps concretize the money-saving benefits Trim delivers.

Hear from our clients

StartCrew was great to work with on our landing page redesign. They facilitated a productive brainstorming session with our key stakeholders, prompted feedback at each stage of development so we could avoid late stage iteration as much as possible, and delivered a final product that improved conversions. We were very happy with that outcome!

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